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TGIS_ViewerWnd class

DK11 for Delphi | FMX.GisViewerWnd.TGIS_ViewerWnd | Classes | Constructors | Methods | Properties | Events

Main visual control responsible for map presentation.

Available also on: Delphi VCL | .NET WinForms | .NET WPF | Java.


// Delphi
  TGIS_ViewerWnd = class( TControl, IGIS_Viewer, IGIS_ViewerParent, IGIS_ViewerWnd )
// C++ Builder
class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TGIS_ViewerWnd : public TControl


→ TControl



Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
Create public Create the control.
Destroy public Destroy the control.


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
Add public Add a layer to the Viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Add)
AddHierarchy public Read hierarchy and build groups with layers.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.AddHierarchy)
AssignedBusyEvent public Reference to a help event handler assigned to the Viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.AssignedBusyEvent)
AssignedHelpEvent public Reference to a busy event handler assigned to the Viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.AssignedHelpEvent)
AttachLayer public Attach layer to the viewer by re-parenting.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.AttachLayer)
BeginPaintInternal public Notify viewer about entering of a paint mode.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BeginPaintInternal)
BusyPrepare public Prepare OnBusy event for long-term operation.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BusyPrepare)
BusyRelease public Release Busy state.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BusyRelease)
BusyShake public Shake Busy state.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BusyShake)
CenterViewport public Set viewport to the vale when _ptg will be visible on the center of the screen.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CenterViewport)
ChangeHash public Change hash.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ChangeHash)
Close public Close a project.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Close)
ControlAutoCenterViewport public Move the screen origin of the map by delta values.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlAutoCenterViewport)
ControlCanvasHeight public Get canvas height.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlCanvasHeight)
ControlCanvasScale public Get canvas scale.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlCanvasScale)
ControlCanvasWidth public Get canvas width.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlCanvasWidth)
ControlClose public Notify control that is map is going to be closed.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlClose)
ControlDrawTexture public Draw texture.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlDrawTexture)
ControlFlash public Do flash.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlFlash)
ControlHourglassHide public Do Hourglass hide.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlHourglassHide)
ControlHourglassShake public Do Hourglass shake.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlHourglassShake)
ControlHourglassShow public Do Hourglass show.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlHourglassShow)
ControlProcessMessages public Do process messages.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlProcessMessages)
ControlRaiseEditorChangeEvent public Raise event on editor change.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlRaiseEditorChangeEvent)
ControlRenderer public Get renderer instance.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlRenderer)
ControlRepaint public Repaint control.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlRepaint)
ControlSet3DMode public Set current 3D mode.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlSet3DMode)
ControlSystemPPI public Get system PPI.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlSystemPPI)
ControlUpdateEditor public Update the editor.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlUpdateEditor)
ControlUpdateProgressive public Progressive update.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlUpdateProgressive)
ControlUpdateSelection public Update Selection layer.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlUpdateSelection)
ControlUpdateSynchronize public Wait for pending paint operation to be finalized.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlUpdateSynchronize)
ControlUpdateTopmost public Update Topmost layer.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlUpdateTopmost)
ControlUpdateWholeMap public Update whole map.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.ControlUpdateWholeMap)
Delete public Delete the layer identified by a name.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Delete)
Draw public Draw all layers on a current renderer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Draw)
EndPaintInternal public Notify viewer about leaving of a paint mode.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.EndPaintInternal)
FullExtent public Calculate the screen origin, zoom, and viewport to place the whole map in the window.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.FullExtent)
FullExtentZoom public Calculates a zoom which places the whole map inside the window
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.FullExtentZoom)
Get public Retrieve the layer identified by a name.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Get)
GetCacheBitmap public Return a copy of last cache bitmap.
GetGrid public Fills provided _grid array with values defined by _extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.GetGrid)
GetRenderContext public Return current context object.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.GetRenderContext)
GetViewer public Get internal viewer handle.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.GetViewer)
HourglassActive public Test is hourglass is active.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.HourglassActive)
HourglassPrepare public Prepare Hourglass cursor for timely operation.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.HourglassPrepare)
HourglassRelease public Release Hourglass.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.HourglassRelease)
HourglassRestart public Restart hourglass timing used for progressive updates.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.HourglassRestart)
HourglassShake public Shake Hourglass.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.HourglassShake)
Interrupt public Will terminate timely operation as soon as possible.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Interrupt)
InvalidateEditor public Invalidate editor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.InvalidateEditor)
InvalidateExtent(TGIS_Extent) public Invalidate an extent for full map redraw
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.InvalidateExtent)
InvalidateExtent(TGIS_Extent; Boolean) public Invalidate an extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.InvalidateExtent)
InvalidateSelection public Invalidate selection.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.InvalidateSelection)
InvalidateTopmost public Invalidate only topmost layers.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.InvalidateTopmost)
InvalidateWholeMap public Invalidate whole map.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.InvalidateWholeMap)
Locate(TGIS_Point; Double) public Locate a shape that is near _ptg, but is closer than _prec distance.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Locate)
Locate(TGIS_Point; Double; Boolean) public Locate a shape that is near _ptg, but is closer than _prec distance.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Locate)
Locate(TPoint; Integer) public Locate a shape that is near _pt, but is closer than _prec distance.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Locate)
LocateEx public Locate shapes on layers that are near _ptg, but closer than _prec distance.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.LocateEx)
Lock public Lock viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Lock)
MapToScreen public Converts point coordinates from map related to screen related.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MapToScreen)
MapToScreen3D public Converts 3D point coordinates from map related to screen related.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MapToScreen3D)
MapToScreenEx public Converts point coordinates from map related to screen related, but result will be in TGIS_Point.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MapToScreenEx)
MapToScreenRect public Converts rectangle coordinates from map related to screen related.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MapToScreenRect)
MarkModified public Mark viewer upon some modifications.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MarkModified)
MoveViewport public Move the screen origin of the map by delta values.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MoveViewport)
MoveViewportEx public Move the screen origin of the map by delta values.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MoveViewportEx)
MustSave public Check if any layer or the project file was modified by editing.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MustSave)
NotifyPaintException public Transform underlying exception into TGIS_Viewer.OnPaintException
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.NotifyPaintException)
NotifySubscribers public Send notification to subscribers.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.NotifySubscribers)
Open(String) public Open project.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Open)
Open(String; Boolean) public Open project.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Open)
OpenEx(TGIS_ConfigAbstract; String) public Open project file from the memory.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.OpenEx)
OpenEx(TGIS_ConfigAbstract; String; Boolean) public Open project file from the memory.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.OpenEx)
PixelsToTwips public Convert size from device dependent pixels to device independent Twips (1/1440 inch).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.PixelsToTwips)
Print public Print the current viewer content on a bitmap using the default printer.
Print(TGIS_Printer) public Print the current viewer content on a bitmap using the given printer.
PrintBmp public Print the current content on a bitmap.
PrintClipboard public Print the current view to the clipboard.
RaiseBusyEvent public Fire Busy event of a viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RaiseBusyEvent)
RaiseHelpEvent public Fire Busy event of a viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RaiseHelpEvent)
ReadConfig public Read all configuration data from project.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ReadConfig)
RecalcExtent public Calculates a common extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RecalcExtent)
Reposition public Reposition the map within the component window.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Reposition)
RereadConfig public Reread all configuration data from project and layer configuration files.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RereadConfig)
RestorePaintState public Restore and free the current paint state.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RestorePaintState)
RevertAll public Revert all layers to a file-based original.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RevertAll)
RotatedExtent public Compute extent (encompassing area of the extent) after the viewer rotation.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RotatedExtent)
RotatedPoint public Compute position of the point after the viewer rotation.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RotatedPoint)
RotatedPoint3D public Compute position of the 3D point after the viewer rotation.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RotatedPoint3D)
RotatedPoint3D_ref public Compute position of the 3D point after the viewer rotation.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RotatedPoint3D_ref)
SaveAll public Save all layers (parameters and data)
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SaveAll)
SaveData public Save all changes to the data.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SaveData)
SaveProject public Save current project.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SaveProject)
SaveProject(Boolean) public Save current project.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SaveProject)
SaveProjectAs(String) public Save current project under new name.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SaveProjectAs)
SaveProjectAs(String; Boolean) public Save current project under new name.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SaveProjectAs)
SaveProjectAsEx(TGIS_ConfigAbstract; String) public Save current project under new name.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SaveProjectAsEx)
SaveProjectAsEx(TGIS_ConfigAbstract; String; Boolean) public Save current project under new name.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SaveProjectAsEx)
ScreenToMap public Converts point coordinates from screen related to map related.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ScreenToMap)
ScreenToMap3D public Converts point coordinates from screen related to map related.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ScreenToMap3D)
ScreenToMapEx public Converts point coordinates from screen related to map related, but source will be in TGIS_Point.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ScreenToMapEx)
ScreenToMapRect public Converts rectangle coordinates from screen related to map related.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ScreenToMapRect)
SetCSByEPSG public Setup Coordinate System to a coordinate system provided by EPSG code.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SetCSByEPSG)
SetCSByWKT public Setup Coordinate System to a coordinate system provided by WKT string (GEOGCS or PROJCS).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SetCSByWKT)
SetCSByWKTFile public Setup Coordinate System to a coordinate system provided by file which contains WKT string (GEOGCS or PROJCS).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SetCSByWKTFile)
SetParent public Set a new parent for the viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SetParent)
SetViewer public Set internal viewer handle.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerParent.SetViewer)
SetViewport public Set viewport to a given position.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SetViewport)
StorePaintState public Store the current paint state.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.StorePaintState)
Subscribe public Add provided control to the notification subscription list.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Subscribe)
SynchronizePaint public Wait for pending paint operation to be finalized.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SynchronizePaint)
TapDouble protected Call action equivalent to double tap.
TapLong protected Call action equivalent to long tap (tap and keep tapped).
TapSingle protected Call action equivalent to single tap.
TwipsToPixels public Convert the size from to device independent Twips (1/1440 inch) to device dependent pixels.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.TwipsToPixels)
TwipsToPoints public Convert the size from to device independent Twips (1/1440 inch) to device points.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.TwipsToPoints)
Unlock public Unlock viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Unlock)
Unlock(Boolean) public Unlock the viewer but do not redraw
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Unlock)
UnrotatedExtent public Compute original extent of the rotated extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UnrotatedExtent)
UnrotatedPoint public Compute original position of the rotated point.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UnrotatedPoint)
UnrotatedPoint3D public Compute original position of the rotated 3D point.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UnrotatedPoint3D)
UnrotatedPoint3D_ref public Compute original position of the rotated 3D point.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UnrotatedPoint3D_ref)
UnSubscribe public Remove provided control from the notification subscription list.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UnSubscribe)
WriteConfig public Write all configuration data to the project or layer ini file.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.WriteConfig)
ZoomBy public Zoom the viewer.
(Implements IGIS_ViewerWnd.ZoomBy)


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Action published Standard FMX property.
Align published Standard FMX property.
Anchors published Standard FMX property.
AutoCenter published If True, then the screen will be centered on click, edit, etc.
BackgroundColor published Background color.
BigExtent public Map extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BigExtent)
BigExtentMargin published Map extent margin.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BigExtentMargin)
BusyLevel public Level of current busy state.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BusyLevel)
BusyText public Text related to current busy state.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BusyText)
Center public Center the screen based on given point.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Center)
CenterPtg public Point on which Viewer will be centered during Zoom.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CenterPtg)
Color public Background color.
(Inherited from IGIS_Viewer)
Copyright public Legal notice and product version.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Copyright)
CS public Coordinate System assigned to the viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CS)
CursorFor3DSelect published Cursor for TGIS_Viewer3DMode.Select.
CursorForCameraPosition published Cursor for TGIS_Viewer3DMode.CameraPosition If not set (equal crDefault) then built-in cursor default for this Mode will be used.
CursorForCameraRotation published Cursor for TGIS_Viewer3DMode.CameraRotation.
CursorForCameraXY published Cursor for TGIS_Viewer3DMode.CameraXY.
CursorForCameraXYZ published Cursor for TGIS_Viewer3DMode.CameraXYZ.
CursorForCameraZoom published Cursor for TGIS_Viewer3DMode.Zoom.
CursorForDrag published Cursor for TGIS_ViewerMode.Drag mode (dragging a map within the component window).
CursorForEdit published Cursor for TGIS_ViewerMode.Edit mode (editing a feature on a map).
CursorForSelect published Cursor for TGIS_ViewerMode.Select mode (selecting items on a map).
CursorForSunPosition published Cursor for TGIS_Viewer3DMode.SunPosition.
CursorForUserDefined published Cursor for TGIS_ViewerMode.UserDefined mode.
CursorForZoom published Cursor for TGIS_ViewerMode.Zoom mode (zooming a map using a rubber-band rectangle).
CursorForZoomEx published Cursor for TGIS_ViewerMode.ZoomEx mode (zooming a map interactively).
CustomData public List of custom, user-defined data.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CustomData)
CustomPPI published Custom resolution in pixels-per-inch.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CustomPPI)
DelayedUpdate published Delayed update threshold in milliseconds.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.DelayedUpdate)
Editor public Editor context.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Editor)
Enabled published Standard FMX property.
Extent public Map extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Extent)
FileCopyrights public List Copyrights
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.FileCopyrights)
FontScale published Font magnifying factor in percents.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.FontScale)
FullDrawExtent public Extent of full current/last drawing area including margin and w/o tiling.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.FullDrawExtent)
Height published Standard FMX property.
Hierarchy public Hierarchy list.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Hierarchy)
HiRes published HiRes support.
HitTest published Standard FMX property.
IncrementalPaint published Is partial drawing to screen done in incremental mode?
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IncrementalPaint)
InPaint public True, if Viewer is busy in Paint procedure.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.InPaint)
IsBusy public True, if Viewer is busy.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IsBusy)
IsEmpty public True, if Viewer is empty (no layers).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IsEmpty)
IsLocked public True, if Viewer is in locked state Lock.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IsLocked)
IsTopmost public True, if Viewer has a topmost layer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IsTopmost)
Items public All layers.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Items)
KeepScale published True if a viewer should maintain scale upon resize.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.KeepScale)
LabelsReg public Labels position allocator object.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.LabelsReg)
Locked published Standard FMX property.
Margins published Standard FMX property.
MinZoomSize published Minimal size of the zooming rectangle.
Mode published Mode of reaction to mouse events.
ModeMouseButton published Active button for Mode operations (dragging, selecting ...).
MultiUserMode published Multiuser mode.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MultiUserMode)
Opacity published Standard FMX property.
OverlappedExtentMargin public Overlapped extent margin (in pixels).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.OverlappedExtentMargin)
Padding published Standard FMX property.
PopupMenu published Standard FMX property.
Position published Standard FMX property.
PPI public Rendering resolution in pixels-per-inch.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.PPI)
ProgressiveUpdate published Progressive update threshold in milliseconds.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ProgressiveUpdate)
ProjectFile public Project file itself as opened in Open procedure.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ProjectFile)
ProjectName public Project file name as opened in Open procedure.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ProjectName)
Renderer public Currently operating renderer.
RestrictedDrag published If true, then you can not drag outside the map Extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RestrictedDrag)
RestrictedExtent public Restricted Map extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RestrictedExtent)
RotationAngle published Standard FMX property.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RotationAngle)
RotationAngleEx public
RotationCenter published Standard FMX property.
RotationPoint public Point of viewer rotation in map units.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RotationPoint)
Scale public Setting up and reading the scale factor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Scale)
ScaleAsFloat public Setting up and reading the scale factor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ScaleAsFloat)
ScaleAsText public Setting up and reading the scale factor as text in format '1:10000'.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ScaleAsText)
SelectionColor published Color for selected objects.
SelectionGisColor public Color used for selecting object.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SelectionGisColor)
SelectionOutlineOnly published If true then polygons will be marked only with outline not a full fill.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SelectionOutlineOnly)
SelectionTransparency published Transparency value for selection; if 100 SelectionGisColor will not be transparent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SelectionTransparency)
SelectionWidth published Outline width of selection area (>0 in twips, <0 in pixels).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SelectionWidth)
Size published Standard FMX property.
SystemPPI public System resolution in pixels-per-inch.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SystemPPI)
TabOrder published Standard FMX property.
TabStop published Standard FMX property.
TemporaryScaleInternal public Used to force rendering in a different scale then actual.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.TemporaryScaleInternal)
TemporaryVisibleExtent public Used to force rendering labels while drawing with tiles.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.TemporaryVisibleExtent)
TouchTargetExpansion published Standard FMX property.
UponDestroy public True, if viewer is upon destruction so some operations (like screen updates) should not be performed
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UponDestroy)
UseAnimations published Use True, if animation upon zooming are allowed.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UseAnimations)
UseRTree published True, if Rtree will be used by default upon creation of any layer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UseRTree)
View3D public 3D state; If set to true them Viewer is in a 3D mode.
Viewer3D public 3D Viewer object.
ViewerParent public Parent for the current IGIS_Viewer object.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ViewerParent)
Viewport public Setting an upper left corner position of the components window within the map.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Viewport)
Visible published Standard FMX property.
VisibleExtent public Extent of the map that is visible in the window.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.VisibleExtent)
Width published Standard FMX property.
Zoom public Setting up and reading the related zoom factor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Zoom)
ZoomEx public Setting up and reading the absolute zoom factor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ZoomEx)


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
AfterPaintEvent published AfterPaint event.
AfterPaintRendererEvent published AfterPaintRenderer event.
AfterUpdateEvent published AfterUpdate event.
BeforePaintEvent published BeforePaint event.
BeforePaintRendererEvent published BeforePaintRenderer event.
BeforeUpdateEvent published BeforeUpdate event.
BusyEvent published Busy event.
EditorChangeEvent published Will be fired after any change made by editor.
EditorPointChangeEvent published EditorPointChange event.
EditorPointMoveEvent published EditorPointEditing event.
EditorSnapPointEvent published EditorSnapPoint event.
ExtentChangeEvent published ExtentChange event.
HelpEvent published Help event.
LayerAddEvent published LayerAdd event.
LayerDelete published LayerDelete event.
ModeChangeEvent published Will be fired on viewer mode change.
OnApplyStyleLookup published Standard FMX event.
OnCanFocus published Standard FMX event.
OnClick published Standard FMX event.
OnDblClick published Standard FMX event.
OnDragDrop published Standard FMX event.
OnDragEnd published Standard FMX event.
OnDragEnter published Standard FMX event.
OnDragLeave published Standard FMX event.
OnDragOver published Standard FMX event.
OnEnter published Standard FMX event.
OnExit published Standard FMX event.
OnKeyDown published Standard FMX event.
OnKeyUp published Standard FMX event.
OnMouseDown published Standard FMX event.
OnMouseEnter published Standard FMX event.
OnMouseLeave published Standard FMX event.
OnMouseMove published Standard FMX event.
OnMouseUp published Standard FMX event.
OnMouseWheel published Standard FMX event.
OnPaint published Standard FMX event.
OnPainting published Standard FMX event.
OnResize published Standard FMX event.
PaintExceptionEvent published PaintException event.
PaintExtraEvent published PaintExtra event.
PasswordEvent published Password event.
ProjectCloseEvent published ProjectClose event.
ProjectOpenEvent published ProjectOpen event.
TapDoubleEvent published TapDouble event.
TapLongEvent published TapLong event.
TapSimpleEvent published TapSimple event.
VisibleExtentChangeEvent published VisibleExtentChange event.
ZoomChangeEvent published ZoomChange event.


Available metadata keys:

Metadata Values Default Description
TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.NavigateFeedback.FullCache TRUE FALSE TRUE If true then all labels, selections, and topmost layers will be visible upon scaling, dragging etc.
TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Progressive.Transparency 0..100 60 Long-term operations will be drawn as semitransparent.
TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Progressive.FullCache TRUE FALSE TRUE If true then long-term operations will be drawn behind last cached view.
TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Topmost.LabelsOnTop TRUE FALSE FALSE If true then for topmost layers labels are drawn on top.


2019/11/22 17:55