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tatukgis.jdk enums


Name Description
TGIS_3DBasementType Shape on DEM basement enforcement (for 3D mode only).
TGIS_3DGroundType Z value relations enforcement (for 3D mode only).
TGIS_3DLayerType 3D interpretation mode for layer (for 3D mode only).
TGIS_3DNormalizationType Types of 3D Normalization.
TGIS_BitmapFormat TGIS_Bitmap supported formats
TGIS_BitmapLinesOrder TGIS_Bitmap lines order
TGIS_BitmapType TGIS_Bitmap underlaying native bitmap type
TGIS_BrushStyle Platform independent brush style definition.
TGIS_ChartStyle Style of charts.
TGIS_ClassificationMethod Enumeration of classification methods.
TGIS_ClassificationRenderType Enumeration of visual properties which can be set for the classification process.
TGIS_ColorInterpolationMode Defines color interpolation method.
TGIS_ColorMapMode Defines colormap mode.
TGIS_ColorSchema Color schema types.
TGIS_CompressionType Compression types.
TGIS_ConfigFormat Types of config format.
TGIS_ContentType Content type types.
TGIS_ContourGeneratorMode Specifies output type for contouring process.
TGIS_ControlLegendMode Modes for TGIS_Legend.
TGIS_ControlLegendOption Options for TGIS_Legend.
TGIS_ControlNorthArrowStyle North arrow stock styles
TGIS_CSProjParameter Possible projection parameters.
TGIS_CSProjType Projection type.
TGIS_CSUnitsType Type of units.
TGIS_DataType Predefined data types.
TGIS_DDFBinaryFormat ISO 8211 binary format types.
TGIS_DDFDataStructCode ISO 8211 data structures.
TGIS_DDFDataType ISO 8211 data types.
TGIS_DDFDataTypeCode ISO 8211 data type codes.
TGIS_DemSlopeMode Degrees or Percent slope mode.
TGIS_DemTotalCurvatureMode Total Curvature Modes.
TGIS_DeveloperKernelTypes Type of DK compilation - for internal use mainly.
TGIS_DimensionType Types of dimension.
TGIS_DrawMode Shows what scope of the layers must be drawn.
TGIS_EditorAction For internal use of TGIS_Editor.
TGIS_EditorMode Editor vertex adding mode.
TGIS_EditorModeEx For internal use of TGIS_Editor.
TGIS_EditorOperation Editor operations.
TGIS_EditorSnapResultType Editor snap result type.
TGIS_EditorSnapType Editor snap type.
TGIS_EditorToolArcMode Modes of arc tool.
TGIS_FieldFlags Supported field flags.
TGIS_FieldType Supported field types.
TGIS_FieldValueCheckFormula Type of formula checks.
TGIS_FieldValueCheckMode Behavior of value checks.
TGIS_FieldValuesMode Hint of how filed should be represented upon editing.
TGIS_FileType Supported files types.
TGIS_FontStyle Platform independent font style definition.
TGIS_GraticuleLabelOrientation Graticule line label orientation.
TGIS_GraticuleLabelPosition Graticule position against graticule line.
TGIS_GraticuleMode Graticule mode
TGIS_HeuristicMode Heuristic mode for path calculations
TGIS_HydrologyStreamOrderMethod Specifies stream ordering methods.
TGIS_InsideType Types of IsInside checking.
TGIS_InterpolationMethod Defines an interpolation method.
TGIS_JoinType Types of section conections for offset line.
TGIS_LabelAlignment Alignment within label.
TGIS_LabelPosition Position of a label.
TGIS_LayerDormantMode Basic modes of layer Dormant operations:
TGIS_LayerGPXDataType GPX data types to use.
TGIS_LayerPixelInterpretation Definition of layer interpretation.
TGIS_LayerSaveOptions Layer save options.
TGIS_LayerSubType Layer subtype.
TGIS_LayerTiledMode State of Tiled mode rendering
TGIS_LayoutType Type represents how field names & values are arranged.
TGIS_LegendIconStyle Style of legend icons.
TGIS_LegendIconType The type of feature for which TGIS_LegendIconFactory prepares the icon.
TGIS_LineCap Platform independent pen cap style.
TGIS_LineJoin Platform independent pen join style.
TGIS_Lock Types of shape locking.
TGIS_LoggerType Type of logged event
TGIS_MarkerStyle Style of markers.
TGIS_MultiUser Type for multi-user work mode.
TGIS_NetworkCandidate State of node in the list of candidates.
TGIS_OffsetPosition Position of offset.
TGIS_OperationType Types of operations.
TGIS_OSMMemberType Type of osm member
TGIS_OSMRoutingProfile Profiles of the TatukGIS online routong service.
TGIS_PartType Types of shape parts.
TGIS_PenStyle Platform independent pen style definition.
TGIS_PipelineParameterType Types of pipeline parameters
TGIS_PixelBandCoding Definition of how particular band is stored.
TGIS_PixelBandContent Definition of the meaning of a particular band.
TGIS_PixelBandSet Definition of how layer should be interpreted
TGIS_PixelFilterColorSpace Defines the color space in which the filter is to operate.
TGIS_PixelFilterMaskType Predefined mask filters.
TGIS_PixelFilterStructuringElementType Predefined structuring element types.
TGIS_PixelFormat Platform independent pixel format specification
TGIS_PixelStoreType PixelStore supported formats.
TGIS_PixelSubFormat Platform independent pixel storage format definition.
TGIS_PointCloudAssignment Specifies cell assignment method for point cloud to grid conversion.
TGIS_PointCloudFormula Specifies cell assignment method for NoData filling.
TGIS_PointerMode Pointer mode for operations.
TGIS_PolynomialOrder Polynomial order.
TGIS_PrintLayoutAnchor Print layout anchor types.
TGIS_PrintLayoutControlType Print layout control types.
TGIS_PrintLayoutElementType Print layout element types.
TGIS_PrintLayoutUnits Print layout units.
TGIS_RegisteredFormatType Registered format type.
TGIS_RegisteredLayerType Registered layer type.
TGIS_RegisteredOperationType Registered operation type.
TGIS_RendererMultipassMode Mode of multipass shape rendering.
TGIS_ScalingFilter Bitmap scaling filtering type
TGIS_ShapeType Types of GIS shapes.
TGIS_SlopeUnit Unit in which the slope is expressed.
TGIS_StatisticalFunction Available statistical functions
TGIS_StreamMode Mode of stream access
TGIS_SubDataType Geometry internal data type.
TGIS_TopologyCombineType Type of operation for combining shapes.
TGIS_TransferredEventType Events transferred to the Parent control (TGIS_ControlAttributes).
TGIS_VariantType Simplified variant types.
TGIS_VectorToGridCoordinate Specifies coordinate used as data input for interpolation process.
TGIS_Viewer3DMode Basic modes of TGIS_Viewer3D operations:
TGIS_ViewerMode Basic modes of TGIS_ViewerWnd operations:
TGIS_ViewshedObserverElevation Specifies what is used as elevation of the observers in the viewshed or Fresnel zone clearance analysis.
TGIS_ViewshedOutput Specifies output values of the viewshed analysis.
TGIS_VirtualField Virtual fields.
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