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TGIS_ViewerMode enum

DK11 for Java | tatukgis.jdk.TGIS_ViewerMode | Enums

Basic modes of TGIS_ViewerWnd operations:

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | ActiveX | Python.


// Java
public enum TGIS_ViewerMode {
  Select, Drag, Zoom, Edit, ZoomEx, UserDefined
// Oxygene
  TGIS_ViewerMode = public (
    Select, Drag, Zoom, Edit, ZoomEx, UserDefined


Name Value Description
Select Mouse is in selecting mode.
Drag Mouse is in dragging mode.
Zoom Mouse is in zooming mode.
Edit Mouse is in editing mode.
ZoomEx Mouse is in zooming mode (visual effect).
UserDefined User defined mode - without any built-in action.

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