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GisLayerVector namespace

DK11 for Delphi | GisLayerVector | Methods | Classes | Prototypes


Name Visibility Description
GisIsPointInsidePolygon(TGIS_Point; TGIS_ShapePolygon) public Test if a given point is inside a given polygon.
GisIsPointInsidePolygon(TGIS_Point; TGIS_ShapePolygon; Integer) public Test if a given point is inside a given polygon.


Name Description
TGIS_LayerVector General layer class for vector layers.
TGIS_LayerVectorDirectWriteHelper Helper for direct write into a layer storage.
TGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator Layer enumerator.
TGIS_LayerVectorEnumeratorFactory Factory class for TGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator.
TGIS_LayerVectorMergeHelper Helper for merging the data into existing layer.
TGIS_SelectedShapeList List of all shapes.
TGIS_Shape Generic shape class.
TGIS_ShapeArc Encapsulation of lines.
TGIS_ShapeComplex Encapsulation of complex shapes.
TGIS_ShapeList Shapes list for Items.
TGIS_ShapeMultiPatch Encapsulation of MultiPatch shapes.
TGIS_ShapeMultiPoint Encapsulation of multi-point.
TGIS_ShapePoint Encapsulation of single point.
TGIS_ShapePolygon Encapsulation of polygons.


Name Description
TGIS_CursorEvent Standard event for CursorXXX events
TGIS_ForEachShapeEvent Callback prototype for TGIS_LayerVector.ForEach function.
TGIS_ShapeEvent Standard event for PaintXXXX.
TGIS_ShapeFieldChangeEvent Callback prototype for TGIS_LayerVector.OnShapeAttributeChange function.
TGIS_ShapePosEvent Standard event for OnPaintLabelPos.

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