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GisExpandLabel(String; TGIS_ExpandLabelFun) method

DK11 for Delphi | GisLayerVector.GisExpandLabel | Overloads | Methods | Classes | Prototypes

Function to parse label text and substitute embedded field values and formulas.


// Delphi
function GisExpandLabel(
  const _text : String;
  const _getfield : TGIS_ExpandLabelFun
) : String; overload;
// C++ Builder
extern DELPHI_PACKAGE UnicodeString GisExpandLabel(
  const UnicodeString _text,
  TGIS_ExpandLabelFun* const _getfield
) /* overload */;


Name Type Description
_text String Text label to be parsed.
_getfield TGIS_ExpandLabelFun Callback function to provide field values.


Type Description
String Expanded label text.
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