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TGIS_DbAbstract methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
cursorClose public Free cursor allocated by CursorOpen().
cursorOpen public Allocate new cursor.
FinalizeProvider public Finalize provider.
getLastCursor public Get last opened cursor index.
GetLastErrorMessage public Return last error message text.
InitializeProvider public Initialize provider.
PreRecognize public Check if layer can read a file.
safeParam public Get a safe parameter.
sqlBindField public Obtain a bind number for a given field name.
sqlBuild public Build new SQL layer.
sqlConnect public Open database connection.
sqlCreateFunction public Create a function on database site.
sqlDisconnect public Close database connection.
sqlExec public Execute a command.
sqlGetBindedField public Get the field value for a shape given by a unique identity.
sqlGetParams public Get parameters list.
sqlInitialize public Initialize database flags and options.
sqlLastInsertId public Get last inserted record id.
sqlQueryClose public Close the query.
sqlQueryEof public Test for Eof on query.
sqlQueryGeometryIsText public Is geometry data a text.
sqlQueryGetBlob public Get blob data type.
sqlQueryGetField public Get a field from the query by field name.
sqlQueryGetFieldById public Get a field from the query by field id.
sqlQueryGetFieldIndex public Get field index from query.
sqlQueryGetGeomObj public Get a geometry object from the query.
sqlQueryGetGeomPtr public Get a geometry from the query.
sqlQueryGetGeomVAR public Get a geometry from the query.
sqlQueryGetGEOUID(Integer; Integer) public Get a GEO.UID from the query.
sqlQueryGetGEOUID(String; Integer) public Get a GEO.UID from the query.
sqlQueryGetSHAPETYPE public Get a SHAPETYE from the query.
sqlQueryGetXMIN public Get a XMIN from the query.
sqlQueryGetYMIN public Get a YMIN from the query.
sqlQueryMoveFirst public Move to first record of query.
sqlQueryMoveNext public Move to next record of query.
sqlQueryNameGEOUID public Get a GEO.UID field from the query.
sqlQueryOpen public Open the query.
sqlQueryReset public Reset current sql query.
sqlQueryStructure public Fill the current layer structure based on the query.
sqlQueryUnPrepareGetGeom public Unprepare geometry access.
sqlTableAppend public Append a new record into the table.
sqlTableClose public Close the table.
sqlTableCreateParam public Create a table parameter.
sqlTableEof public Test for Eof on the table.
sqlTableExec public Execute opened table command.
sqlTableGetField public Get a field from the table.
sqlTableGetParam public Get a parameter from the table.
sqlTableOpenRead public Open the table based on provided filter.
sqlTableOpenWrite public Open the table based on provided filter
sqlTablePost public Update the table (after any change).
sqlTablePrepared public Is table prepared for insert.
sqlTableSetBlob public Set a blob data to the table.
sqlTableSetField public Set a field to the table.
sqlTableSetGeometry(Integer; String; OleVariant; TGIS_MemoryStream) public Set a geometry to the table.
sqlTableSetGeometry(Integer; String; TObject) public Set a geometry to the table.
sqlTransactGlobalUpdateCommit public Commit global transaction.
sqlTransactGlobalUpdateStart public Start global transaction.
sqlTransactRestructCommit public Commit transaction.
sqlTransactRestructStart public Start transaction.
sqlTransactRollback public Rollback global transaction.
sqlTransactUpdateCommit public Commit transaction.
sqlTransactUpdateStart public Start transaction.
sqlUpdateStart public Macro for starting updates.

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