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TGIS_DbAbstract.sqlBuild method

DK11 for Delphi | GisDb.TGIS_DbAbstract.sqlBuild | Constructors | Fields | Methods | Properties | Events

Build new SQL layer.

Available also on: .NET | Java.


// Delphi
  procedure sqlBuild(
    const _path : String;
    const _extent : TGIS_Extent;
    const _type : TGIS_ShapeType;
    const _storage : String;
    const _layerName : String
  ); virtual; abstract;
// C++ Builder
  virtual void sqlBuild(
    const UnicodeString _path,
    TGIS_Extent* const _extent,
    TGIS_ShapeType* const _type,
    const UnicodeString _storage,
    const UnicodeString _layerName
  ) = 0;


Name Type Description
_path String path to .ttkls file; if empty the build base on existing parameters SQLParameter; if points to non-existent file then will be treated as a list of CRLF or '\n' deliminated parameters
_extent TGIS_Extent starting extent of a layer - cannot be zero-sized
_type TGIS_ShapeType shape type supported by the layer
_storage String storage type
_layerName String layer name


If _path was provided but not exists the Access (MSJET) layer will be created in a database named "Layers.mdb". Current layer name will be used. If current name is empty then name will be constructed based on ttkls file name. Internal table name could be canonized to be based only on ASCII characters - in worst case replaced by NAME_xxxx unique identifier.

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