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Rectify Layer warning

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Rectify layer message box is presented when no coordinate system is recognized for a newly opened layer.

The Rectify Layer message box is displayed when a map layer without a recognized coordinate system is opened in the program (such as using menu Open, menu Add, or by dragging the map file into the map window). Because the program recognizes thousands of coordinate systems for all supported layer types, the display of this message means that coordinate system information for the layer is missing (such as if the layer is a raw aerial image or a CAD drawing) or somehow corrupted. The dialog gives the user the choice between using the program's layer rectification features to rectify the layer to a known coordinate system or opening the layer without coordinate system information.

To rectify the layer:

  • Select the Rectify option and click the OK button. This will open the Options dialog dialog box with rectification options and settings which, when closed by clicking the OK button, will open the Rectification window window for performing the rectification.

To open the layer as is (without coordinate system information):

  • Select the option Open layer as is and click on OK. This means that the layer will not be aligned correctly with other layers in the project. This option can be appropriate in the event of a georeferenced layer without a recognized coordinate system when the user knows (i) the actual layer coordinate system and (ii) the coordinate system information. An advanced user can set the undefined/misdefined coordinate system to the layer using settings found in the Layer Properties Control (Coordinate System option). The layer coordinate system changes are saved to the project file, not to the layer file (to avoid the risk of accidental corruption of the layer).
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