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Layer Properties Control

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The Layer Properties dialog box contains a wide range of settings to control the visual appearance of a map layer.


This dialog box is organized into two panels:

  • Left panel
    Contains a tree of available settings. By selecting an item on this panel, appropriate detail settings will appear in the right panel.
  • Right panel.
    Detail settings.

The content of panels depends on a type of layer and is lightly different for:

Common operations

This fragment covers operations that are common to all kind of layers, regardless of being a vector, pixel or grid layer.

The most important concept here is a section. The section always contains information about the minimum and maximum scale of visibility. If the map scale is outside such a defined scope, then the section will not be visible. This option provides an opportunity to set different rendering and visibility based on the actual map scale.

By using a toolbar over the left panel, a user can add, delete, delete all, and change the order of the section. Deleting all will leave one section with default parameters.

By using a toolbar below the left panel, a user can save and load all layer properties from/into .ttkstyle file. Thanks to that feature a user can create a library of reusable styles.


The General node covers general information about the layer like path, name, coordinate system, etc.

Name Description
Path Path or URL to the layer.
Name Unique layer names.
Caption Layer caption.
Coordinate System Current coordinate system for the layer, changeable with Coordinate System
Basemap If checked turns layer(s) at the bottom of the project to basemaps. This means that such layer(s) will be drawn continually upon dragging a map.
Cached paint If un-checked turns-of caching layers(s) at the top of the map. Such a layer will be then repainted upon each map repaint (even if the visible extent remains intact. Generally, it is an option for handling trackable layers like live GPS positions etc.
Transparency Factor defining the proportions in which the color of the foreground layer is mixed with the color of the background layer, Useful for creating anaglyph.
Info Information about the layer, File format, resolution, etc.
User comments User-provided information about the layer.


The Sections node summarizes information about sections visibility (active scale, additional query-based visibility for a vector layer).


The Section node contains subnodes for specific layer properties.

Name Description
Visible Defines if parameters in the panel constitute visibility or invisibility of the section.
Minimum scale Minimum scale of section activity. If empty then the parameter is ignored.
Maximum scale Maximum scale of section activity. If empty then the parameter is ignored.

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