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JupyterNotebookDKForPython sample

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How to useTatukGIS DK for Python in Jupter Notebook.


This sample illustrates use of:

Name Description
TGIS_ViewerBMPClass responsible for map presentation on bitmap.
TGIS_ViewerBMP.OpenOpen project.
TGIS_ViewerBMP.AddAdd a layer to the Viewer.
TGIS_ViewerBMP.InvalidateWholeMapInvalidate whole map.
TGIS_ViewerBMP.GIS_BitmapUnderlying bitmap
TGIS_ViewerBMP.CSCoordinate System assigned to the viewer.
TGIS_ViewerBMP.FullExtentCalculate the screen origin, zoom, and viewport to place the whole map in the window.
TGIS_ViewerBMP.GetRetrieve the layer identified by a name.
TGIS_ExtentLike TRect, but based on doubles instead of integers.
TGIS_Bitmap.AsPngExport png as ready as arry of bytes in PNG format.
TGIS_Layer.ParamsParameters (colors, fills, etc.) object.
TGIS_ClassificationFactory.CreateClassifierCreates an object that inherits from TGIS_ClassificationAbstract class based on the layer's type.
TGIS_ClassificationAbstract.TargetIndicates the data to be used for classification.
TGIS_ClassificationAbstract.MethodClassification method; NaturalBreaks by default.
TGIS_ClassificationAbstract.ColorRampThe color ramp used to generate colors for class breaks.
TGIS_ClassificationAbstract.MustCalculateStatisticsIf True, statistics from layer assigned to classification need to be calculated.
TGIS_ClassificationAbstract.ClassifyPerforms the classification.
TGIS_Layer.StatisticsLayer statistics engine
TGIS_LayerVectorGeneral layer class for vector layers.
TGIS_LayerPixelEncapsulation of a common image layer - abstract class.
TGIS_LayerPixel.BuildBuilds an in-memory layer.
TGIS_LayerPixel.ParamsReturns parameters for pixel layer.
TGIS_LayerPixel.CuttingPolygonCutting polygon that defines an input image's valid area.
TGIS_StatisticsAbstract.CalculateCalculate requested statistics from the entire layer.
TGIS_Utils.GisColorRampListColor ramps list.
TGIS_ColorRampList.ByNameGets a color ramp by name.
TGIS_GradientMap.RealizeColorMapPrepares a colormap as requested.
TGIS_InterpolationKrigingImplementation of the ordinary Kriging interpolation method.
TGIS_ContourGeneratorImplementation of the contour (isohypse) generation algorithm for grid/DEM layers.
TGIS_ContourGenerator.ContourIntervalThe elevation interval between generated contours.
TGIS_ContourGenerator.SmoothenIf True then the generated contours will be smoothened.
TGIS_ContourGenerator.GenerateCreates vector contours from a raster grid layer.
TGIS_LayerVector.LoopPrepares enumerator (also known as iterator or cursor) to iterate the layer.
TGIS_Shape.MakeEditableAdd the shape to edited items list.
TGIS_Shape.IntersectionCompute an intersection with shape provided.


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