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TGIS_GradientMap.RealizeColorMap method

DK11 for Delphi | GisTypesUI.TGIS_GradientMap.RealizeColorMap | Constructors | Methods | Properties

Prepares a colormap as requested.

Available also on: .NET | Java | ActiveX | Python.


// Delphi
  function RealizeColorMap(
    const _mode : TGIS_ColorMapMode = TGIS_ColorMapMode.Continuous;
    const _subClass : Integer = 0;
    const _reverse : Boolean = False
  ) : TGIS_ColorMapArray;
// C++ Builder
  TGIS_ColorMapArray* RealizeColorMap(
    TGIS_ColorMapMode* const _mode,
    const int _subClass,
    const bool _reverse


Name Type Description
_mode TGIS_ColorMapMode colormap mode (continuous by default or discrete)
_subClass Integer if available, gets subclass of a ramp with specified, or the possible nearest to specified, number of colors; if 0, gets default colormap (this is the default parameter);
_reverse Boolean if True, reverses colors from colormap (False is the default parameter);


Type Description
TGIS_ColorMapArray Array of a colormap.



Color ramps can be prepared in continuous or discrete mode by setting desired TGIS_ColorMapMode to the _mode parameter.

Continuous mode (default) Discrete mode


Some ramps, besides the default definition, have versions prepared with a specific number of colors. Using _subclass parameter, you can request a colormap with a defined number of colors, if suchcolormap representation exist.

Three different representations of YellowGreenBlue color ramp.
Color ramp with 3 colors (subclass=3) Default color ramp definition (subclass=0) Color ramp with 9 colors (subclass=9)

Reverse colors

Colors in a ramps can be reversed by setting the _reverse parameter to True.

Default color ramp definition (reverse=False) Reversed color ramp (reverse=True)


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