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TGIS_Shape properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Dimension public Shape dimension.
Extent public Get extent for current shape.
Extent3D public Get extent 3D for current shape.
FieldChanged public True if a shape field has changed.
GeometryChanged public True if the shape geometry has changed.
GeometrySize public Size of geometry (number of bytes occupied by all parts & points).
IsDeleted public True if the Shape needs to be deleted.
IsEditable public Is shape editable.
IsEmpty public Is shape empty.
IsFixed public True if the Shape has checked and fixed winding.
IsHidden public Is shape hidden.
IsMapped public True if geometry not allocated, but mapped to the file.
IsModified public Is shape modified.
IsNewShape public Is shape a independent object or is a mirror of disk based shape.
IsReverted public True if the Shape needs to be reverted to the version saved in file.
IsSelected public Is shape selected.
Layer public Reference to layer.
LocalParams public True if the shape has private parameters.
LockLevel public Mode of locking
ManageRTree public True if the shape rtree index is managed.
Params public Returns parameters (colors, fills etc) object.
ParentShape public Handle to parent shape.
Parts public Internal storage of parts.
PartsSize public Size of parts part of geometry.
PartTypes public Internal storage of part types.
PartTypesSize public Size of part types of geometry.
Points public Internal storage of points.
PointsM public Internal storage of points.
PointsMMax public Points M max value.
PointsMMin public Points M min value.
PointsMSize public Size of points M part of geometry.
PointsSize public Size of points part of geometry.
PointsZ public Internal storage of points.
PointsZMax public Points Z max value.
PointsZMin public Points Z min value.
PointsZSize public Size of points Z part of geometry.
ProjectedExtent public Get extent for current shape.
ShapeType public Get type of shape.
SmartSize public Get SmartSize of the shape.
Tag public Tag has no predefined meaning.
TagInternal public TagInternal has no predefined meaning.
TagPointer public TagPointer has no predefined meaning.
Uid public Get unique identifier for current shape.
Viewer public Reference to the viewer.

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