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TGIS_Shape fields


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
FDimension protected Dimensions supported by a shape.
FGeometryChanged protected Has shape geometry changed.
FIsDeleted protected True if the Shape needs to be deleted.
FIsEditable protected Is shape editable.
FIsFixed protected True if the Shape has checked and fixed winding.
FIsHidden protected Is shape hidden.
FIsMapped protected True if geometry not allocated but mapped to a file.
FIsModified protected Is shape (geometry or fields) modified.
FIsNewShape protected Is shape a independent object or is a mirror of disk based shape.
FIsReverted protected True if the Shape needs to be reverted to version saved in file.
FParts protected Internal storage of parts.
FPartTypes protected Internal storage of part types.
FPoints protected Internal storage of points.
FPointsM protected Internal storage of points.
FPointsMMax protected Maximum M value.
FPointsMMin protected Minimum M value.
FPointsZ protected Internal storage of points.
FPointsZMax protected Maximum Z value.
FPointsZMin protected Minimum Z value.
FShapeType protected Object type.
FUid protected Unique identifier across a single layer.
indexDist2PartCS protected Used to limit Distance2PartCS to the neighborhood of a specific point.
mappedFields protected list of fields.
oldIndexExtent protected Get old extent for current shape (before editing).

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