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TGIS_LayerPixel.getBitmapData method

DK11 for Delphi | GisLayerPixel.TGIS_LayerPixel.getBitmapData | Constructors | Fields | Methods | Properties | Events

Fills provided _bitmap array with values defined by _extent. If the current layer does not fully cover the _extent then values outside the layer scope should be left untouched.

Available also on: .NET | Java.


// Delphi
  function getBitmapData(
    const _extent : TGIS_Extent;
    const _bitmap : TGIS_Pixels;
    const _width : Integer;
    const _height : Integer
  ) : Boolean; virtual;
// C++ Builder
  virtual bool getBitmapData(
    TGIS_Extent* const _extent,
    TGIS_Pixels* const _bitmap,
    const int _width,
    const int _height


Name Type Description
_extent TGIS_Extent extent of the _bitmap
_bitmap TGIS_Pixels allocated bitmap(with/height ratio of the _bitmap should be the same as width/height ration of the _extent)
_width Integer width of needed area in pixels
_height Integer height of needed area in pixels


Type Description
Boolean True if success; False if anything is still pending


Function provide "raw" data - before coordinate system applied.

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