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GisLayerPixel namespace


Name Visibility Description
BASE_TRANSPARENT_FLAG public First transparent zone marker (is shifted left for next zones) .
HPIXELS public Base transformed rectangle with in pixels.
MAX_STRIP_BUFFER_SIZE public Maximal buffer size for keeping decompressed lines.
VPIXELS public Base transformed rectangle height in pixels.


Name Description
TGIS_LayerPixel Encapsulation of a common image layer - abstract class.
TGIS_LayerPixelEnumerator Layer enumerator.
TGIS_LayerPixelEnumeratorFactory Factory class for TGIS_LayerPixelEnumerator.
TGIS_LayerPixelLock Structure of locked image area.
TGIS_PixelBand Complete definition of a band.
TGIS_PixelBandsDefinition Complete definition of all bands of a layer.
TGIS_PixelItem Pixel value used mainly in iterators.


Name Description
TGIS_AltitudeZone Array of mapping between altitude and color.
TGIS_LayerPixelTile Structure of pixel tile.
TGIS_MapZone Zone mapping.
TGIS_Tile Structure of tile information.
TGIS_Zone Zone from 0 to 255 definition.


Name Description
TGIS_GridOperation Grid operation function.
TGIS_PixelOperation Pixel (ARGB) operation function.


Name Description
TGIS_PixelBandCoding Definition of how particular band is stored.
TGIS_PixelBandContent Definition of the meaning of a particular band.
TGIS_PixelBandSet Definition of how layer should be interpreted

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