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TGIS_BitmapFMX methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
CreateViewer public Create a bitmap viewer
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.CreateViewer)
DrawShape public Draw a shape on a bitmap.
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.DrawShape)
DrawSymbol public Draws symbol
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.DrawSymbol)
FromBitmap public Create bitmap from platform specific object.
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.FromBitmap)
FromFile public Create bitmap from file.
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.FromFile)
FromStream public Create bitmap from stream.
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.FromStream)
LockPixels public Prepare bitmap for direct pixel access operation.
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.LockPixels)
MakeTransparent public Make bitmap transparent
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.MakeTransparent)
ToFile public Save bitmap to file.
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.ToFile)
ToStream(TObject) public Save bitmap to stream.
ToStream(TObject; TGIS_PixelFormat; TGIS_PixelSubFormat; Integer) public Save bitmap to stream.
UnlockPixels public Finalize pixel access operation.
(Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.UnlockPixels)

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