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TGIS_BitmapFMX.DrawShape(TObject; Integer; Boolean; Double; TPoint) method

DK11 for Delphi | FMX.GisFramework.TGIS_BitmapFMX.DrawShape | Overloads | Constructors | Fields | Methods | Properties

Draw a shape on a bitmap (for internal TGIS_Shape.PrepareContourInternal purposes).


Overrides TGIS_BitmapAbstract.DrawShape.

// Delphi
  procedure DrawShape(
    const _shape : TObject;
    const _ppi : Integer;
    const _outline : Boolean;
    var _scale : Double;
    var _offset : TPoint
  ); overload; override;
// C++ Builder
  virtual void DrawShape(
    TObject* const _shape,
    const int _ppi,
    const bool _outline,
    double &_scale,
    TPoint* &_offset
  ) /* overload */;


Name Type Description
_shape TObject shape to be drawn
_ppi Integer pixels per inch; us3ed to calculate proper line sizes etc.
_outline Boolean if True then outline of polygonal object will be drawn; otherwise only interiors will be drawn
_scale Double shape size in pixels divided by the shape size in map units
_offset TPoint offset of shape within bitmap caused by map placement, margins etc.


Interiors are drawn with TGIS_Color.LightGray. Borders and lines are drawn TGIS_Color.DimGray.

This method is for internal use only.

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