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FMX.GisFramework namespace

DK11 for Delphi | FMX.GisFramework | Methods | Classes


Name Visibility Description
EnsureFramework public Force framework.
FMXColor public Convert platform inependent color to native FMX color.
FMXFont public Create a native FMX font object from platform independent font.
GetFontList public Get list of fonts available on FMX.
GISColor public Convert platform native FMX color to platform independent color.


Name Description
TGIS_BitmapFactoryFMX Factory for platform dependent Bitmap implementation.
TGIS_BitmapFMX Platform dependent Bitmap implementation.
TGIS_FrameworkUtils A class that groups platform's specific methods.
TGIS_TimerFactoryFMX Factory for platform dependent Timer implementation.
TGIS_TimerFMX Platform dependent Timer implementation.

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