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Editor functionality can be extended with plugins.

List of preinstalled plugins

Name Description
Add graticules Create graticule lines.
Binning Analysis Performs binning (bucketing) on a point layer and outputs the result as a set of polygons.
Buffer Create buffer polygons around features based on fixed distance or distance field.
Clip Extract shapes from input layer(s) which overlay shapes from clipping layer.
Create contour Create contour lines based on DEM grid data.
Elevation Graph Draw elevation graph based on lines position on grid.
Grid To Polygon Creates polygon shapes from connected regions of grid cells sharing the same value.
Interpolation Interpolation of points layer using IDW, kriging, CRS (Completly Regulized Spline), concentration map, and heat map.
Intersect Perform geometric intersection of two vector layers and transfer both of their attributes to the output.
Show Google Maps Shows the exact coordinates from TatukGIS Editor in Google Maps inside your web browser.
Merge Merge multiple layers into one layer.
Pipeline A simplified geoprocessing commands interpreter that allows executing complex analyses in quick, easy and repeatable way.
Show GPS Shows GPS control.
Slope map Slope map calculations based on DEM grid data.
Viewshed Viewshed and ALG analyses based on DEM grid data.
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