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Data panel

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The Data panel is a window component which provides the means to preview and edit the attributes tables of the vector layers.

Data Panel displaying sample attributes tables.

To toggle the visibility of the Data panel, click on the View/Panels/Data menu item.

The Data Panel includes the Find Panel that allows searching for specified value in the attributes table.

To find a specified word, insert the value and click on the arrows.

Hiding the Find Panel is possible by clicking on the icon .

Hiding the Grouping box is possible by clicking on the icon .

Invoke Query builder by clicking on the icon .

More icons from toolbar is described here.

By right-clicking on the column header you invoke Context menu.

Displaying the list of columns is possible by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner. It allows for making the columns visible/invisible by ticking a checkbox.

List of visible columns.

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