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Union shapes

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Clicking on the Shape/Union Shapes menu item provides the means for merging two or more shapes of the same type to form one multipart shape. Merging shapes of different types is not possible except the point-multipoint case.

To merge a group of shapes to form one multipart shape

  1. Activate (highlight) the layer containing the shapes to be merged. Do this by clicking on its name in the Legend.
  2. Click on the Shape/Union Shapes menu item - a Union Shapes panel will appear over the Selected panel.
  3. Within the Union Shapes panel click on the Next » button.
  4. Choose one of the following options: Blank Attributes - the shape created as a consequence of merging will have no values assigned to its attributes, Attributes from first shape - the shape created as a consequence of merging will have the same values of the attributes as the first selected shape. Check the Replace source option if you would like to replace the shapes being merged by the one created by merging.
  5. [OPTIONAL] If you would like to keep the shapes being merged and the shape created by merging leave this option unchecked.
  6. When finished click again on the Next » button.

Union Shapes panel - two steps of the uniting procedure.

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