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Clicking on the Select/Select All menu item selects all shapes in the active vector layer, i.e. the whole layer.

To select all shapes in a vector layer

  1. Activate (highlight) the vector layer on which the selection is to be performed. Do this by clicking on its name in the Legend.
  2. Click on the Select/Select All menu item.

Associated functions

  • To transfer the selected shapes to the temporary clipboard layer, use one of the following functions: Cut, Copy, Copy Special, Load Clipboard.
  • To remove the selected shapes from the layer, use the Delete shape feature.
  • To cancel all previously made selections, use the Deselect all feature.

Similar functions


  • All currently selected shapes are highlighted on the Map area.
  • Values (or averages, maximal and minimal numeric values) of attributes of the selected shape (or shapes) are displayed in the Attributes tab of the Selected panel.
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