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Select type

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Clicking on the Select/Select type menu item displays the list of predefined spatial relation models. Switching to a different spatial relation model affects the behaviour of the following selection methods: Select by Line, Select by Polygon, Select by Circle, Select by Rectangle, Select by Clipboard. The spatial relation models define the geometric relationship on which the selection is performed.

To switch to a different spatial relation model for selection

  1. Click on the Select/Select type menu item - a list of available spatial relation models will appear.
  2. Within that list click on a name of the desired model.

Elements of the shapes

The following table explains how the elements of the shapes are classified.

Interior Boundary Exterior
Point Point itself Nothing Everything except interior
MultipointPoints themselves Nothing Everything except interior
Line Line itself except the starting and ending pointsStarting and ending points of the lineEverything except interior and boundary
Polygon Area of the polygonOutline of the polygonEverything except interior and boundary
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