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SQLLayerAdvanced sample

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How to open export layer to a new SQL Layer and get familiar with .ttkls connector files.


In .NET it is necessary to manually attach ADODB file to the sample. ADODB file is located in “Deployment” folder.

Edit gistest.ttkls to provied your database access You can use *.ttkls as any other layer (for example open in editor).

This sample illustrates use of:

Name Description
TGIS_LayerVectorSqlAbstract.CreateStyleTableCreate a table with layer styles.
TGIS_LayerVectorSqlAbstract.WriteStyleWrite or update a style to database.
TGIS_Viewer.ProjectFileProject file itself as opened in Open procedure.
TGIS_Viewer.SaveProjectAsExSave current project under new name.
TGIS_LayerVector.ImportLayerImports a layer from an existing layer.
TGIS_Config.GetStringsParse and fill list with values.
TGIS_Config.SetLayerSelect layer on which the operation will be performed.
TGIS_ConfigFactory.CreateConfigCreate a config instance based on a path extension.
TGIS_LayerSqlSqlite.BuildBuilds a new layer - prepares storage.


This sample is available on following platforms (click to see source code):

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