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Multiselect sample

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How to implement selection of several shapes at once.


This sample illustrates use of:

Name Description
TGIS_Viewer.ItemsAll layers.
TGIS_Viewer.ScreenToMapConverts point coordinates from screen related to map related.
TGIS_Viewer.LocateLocate a shape that is near _ptg, but is closer than _prec distance.
TGIS_Shape.MakeEditableAdd the shape to edited items list.
TGIS_Shape.IsSelectedIs shape selected.
TGIS_LayerVector.FindFirstFinds the first shape in layer.
TGIS_LayerVector.FindNextFinds the next occurrence of an item defined in FindFirst.
TGIS_LayerVector.DeselectAllClears selection of all shapes.


This sample is available on following platforms (click to see source code):

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