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FmxLinux support

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Linux support is purely experimental. Please, report problems. However, we do not make any commitment about bug fixing and future support.

RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo brings Linux support. However, this support is limited to a non-GUI application. For a GIS class application, a GUI is a must-have. Therefore our interest in supporting Linux is limited. Surprisingly, a third party company decided to provide FMX Linux support which makes it possible to port the Developer Kernel for Delphi to the Linux platform. Please visit to learn more about this project.

We did a small investigation, you can read about its results in our blog.

With the release of DK11.4.0 we decided to include GisBaseObject unit compiled for Linux in the installation package (but not in the trial edition).

How to create a DK FmxLinux application

  1. Ensure that you have at least RAD Studio Enterprise (Linux support is not available in the Professional edition),
  2. Visit to download and install FMX for Linux,
  3. Compile & test DK FMX application; it is a good idea to create and test the application on Windows first and then add the Linux target.

Comments, limitations, and known bugs

  • Command-line application can also be created.
  • Currently database layers are not supported, but all file-based layers like SHP, JPEG, TIFF should work.
  • Printing is not supported.
  • Some buttons on the layer properties form are misplaced.
  • We are aware of AV upon application closing.
2020/08/31 09:09

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