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v11.4.0, released 2017-05-12

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.4.0

This version brings experimental Linux support and bi-di dialog box for VCL & WinForms/WPF for bi-directional languages like Hebrew and Arabic. Dialog boxes got a more consistent design.

  • Improved support for 16bits images. [DK-9137] [DK-9124]
  • Experimental FmxLinux support. [DK-9205]
  • VCL dialog box layout for Arabic and Hebrew translations. WinForms/WPF postponed for next version. Unfortunately, FMX as a platform is not ready to properly support right-to-left languages. Also, rearrange dialog boxes to achieve consistent look (buttons always on a bottom not on a right). [DK-9075]
    • Language file with phrase GIS_RS_BIDIRECTIONAL=1 will enforce dialog boxes to be rendered right-to-left.
    • Legend control properly interpret property BiDiMode:=bdRightToLeft.
    • Some more work and testing must be done on this!
  • VCL Forms to be Hi-DPI aware (including multi-monitor in RAS Studio 10.1 Berlin and up). [DK-7088]
  • Some improvements for Hi-DPI awareness on Winforms were done as well. But issue [DK-7088] is still pending.
  • Proper rendering of Arabic and Hebrew labels. [DK-9074]
  • Performance improvement on VPF format. [DK-9181]
  • Proper mbtiles support [DK-9064]

Full list available at Changelog.

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