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TatukGIS.NDK records


Name Description
TGIS_3DCamera Definition of a camera for the 3D view.
TGIS_AltitudeZone Array of mapping between altitude and color.
TGIS_Color Platform independent color declaration.
TGIS_ColorMap Array of color map for gradient.
TGIS_Complex Complex number.
TGIS_CSProjChamberlinTrimetric_Record1 Helper record for Chamberlin Trimetric.
TGIS_CSProjParameters Projection parameters.
TGIS_CSProjParametersInternal Projection parameters.
TGIS_EditorPartState For internal use of TGIS_Editor.
TGIS_EditorPointState For internal use of TGIS_Editor.
TGIS_Extent Like TRect, but based on doubles instead of integers.
TGIS_Extent3D Like TGIS_Extent, but 3rd dimension added.
TGIS_FileTIFFDecodeState Actual state of decoding.
TGIS_GestureState Platform independent gesture state.
TGIS_GradientMap Structure of predefined colors.
TGIS_HttpResponse Http response.
TGIS_LayerPixelSubFormat Pixel file capabilities.
TGIS_LayerPixelTile Structure of pixel tile.
TGIS_Line Line between two points.
TGIS_Line3D Line between two 3D points.
TGIS_MapZone Zone mapping.
TGIS_Material Material.
TGIS_PartDescriptor Part descriptor.
TGIS_Point Like TPoint, but based on doubles instead of integers.
TGIS_Point3D Like TGIS_Point, but 3rd dimension added and also measure added.
TGIS_PrintLayoutLocation Print layout element location type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutPosition Print layout element position type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutWidth Print layout element width type.
TGIS_QuadTreeItem Quad tree item stored in nodes.
TGIS_RGBTriple RGB color representation.
TGIS_RTreeHeader For internal use only.
TGIS_RTreeItem For internal use only.
TGIS_RTreePageData For internal use only.
TGIS_SingleVector Single type vector.
TGIS_StatisticalFunctions Record with all statistical functions.
TGIS_Tile Structure of tile information.
TGIS_Viewer3DBasePlane Structure for BasePlane management.
TGIS_Viewer3DFlood Structure for flood management.
TGIS_Zone Zone from 0 to 255 definition.
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