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TGIS_Layer properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
Active public Checks if the layer is active? Active means layer is visible and an object can be localized on the layer.
Addition public Additional value.
Age public Age of the layer (since its creation).
Basemap public True if the layer must be interpreted as basemap (for background painting).
BasemapDraw public If True, the layer at the moment is drawn inside a basemap thread.
CachedPaint public False if layer must be painted directly (bypassing cache).
Caption public Caption of layer; if not filed directly then will be filed with Name when adding to the Viewer.
CodePage public Code Page in which text has been stored.
Collapsed public Checks if the layer is collapsed? Collapsed means only the layer's title will be visible inside the legend.
Comments public Additional user comments.
ConfigFile public Configuration file handle.
ConfigName public Configuration file name.
CS public Coordinate System that is assigned to the layer.
CustomData public List of custom, user-defined data.
DirectMode public True if the layer is direct-mode (bypassing cache).
DormantMode public Dormant mode for the layer.
Driver public The layer's driver name.
Extent public Extent of the layer.
Extent3D public Three-dimensional extent of the layer.
FileCopyrights public Copyright information about the layer.
FileInfo public Additional textual information about the layer such as compression, number of pixels, copyright, etc.
HideFromLegend public False if the layer should not be visible in legend.
InPaint public True if the layer upon paint process.
IsExportable public True if the layer is exportable.
IsLocked public True if the layer is in locked state.
IsOpened public True if the layer is opened and is ready for operations.
IsPersistent public True if the layer is persistent.
IsReadOnly public True if the layer is read-only.
IsTopmost public True if the layer can be interpreted as the topmost (trackable) layer.
Layer3D public Mode of 3D operations
MaxTileSize public Maximum allowed tile size for the layer.
MultiUserMode public Type of multiuser mode.
Name public Name of layer; if not filled directly, then will be filled with Path when added to the viewer.
Params public Parameters (colors, fills, etc.) object.
ParamsList public List of all parameter sections attached to the current layer.
ParentLayer public Parent layer of a sub layer.
Path public Path to file holding the layer's data.
PathWithDriver public Path to file with the layer's data extended with driver name.
ProjectedExtent public Extent of the layer in projected units.
Renderer public Handle to a renderer used for drawing shapes.
Statistics public Layer statistics engine
Stream public Reference to a potential layer underlying the stream.
SubLayers public List of sublayers belonging to the layer.
SubType public Type of sublayer.
SupportsAutoStyle public Indicates whether the layer supports auto styling.
Tag public Tag has no predefined meaning.
TagInternal public TagInternal has no predefined meaning.
TagPointer public TagPointer has no predefined meaning.
TiledDrawMode public If True, the layer at the moment is drawn by tiler.
Transform public Custom transformation.
Transparency public Transparency value for the layer (0..100).
UnSupportedOperations public Set of operations not supported by the layer.
UseConfig public True if config file is active.
UserObject public UserObject can be used to associate with the layer a user-defined object.
Viewer public Reference to a viewer object.
ZOrder public Layer's position relative to other layers.
ZOrderEx public Layer position relative to other visible layers.

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