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TGIS_Layer fields


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
FActive protected Is layer active?
FAddition protected Addition value.
FAge protected Age of the layer.
FBasemap protected True if the layer is interpreted as basemap.
FBasemapDraw protected If True, the layer at the moment is drawn inside a basemap thread.
FCachedPaint protected False if layer must be painted directly (bypassing cache).
FCaption protected Layer caption.
FCodePage protected Code Page in which text has been stored.
FCodePageForced protected Code Page forced by project file or property setting.
FCollapsed protected Is layer collapsed?
FComments protected Additional comments.
FConfigFile protected Configuration file handle.
FConfigFile2 protected Configuration file handle.
FConfigName protected Configuration file name.
FCS protected Projection object.
FCustomData protected List of custom data.
FDormantMode protected Dormant mode for the layer.
FDriver protected Layer driver.
FExtent protected Layer extent.
FExtent3D protected Layer extent 3D.
FFileCopyright protected Additional textual information about layer copyright.
FFileInfo protected Additional textual information about the layer such as compression, number of pixels, copyright etc.
FHideFromLegend protected True if layer should not be visible in a legend.
FIsLocked protected True if layer is in locked state Lock.
FIsModified protected True if structure (field, geometry etc) was modified.
FIsOpened protected True if layer was opened.
FIsPrepared protected True if layer was opened.
FIsReadOnly protected Read only flag.
FMaxTileSize protected Maximum allowed tile size for the layer.
FMultiUserMode protected Multiuser mode.
FName protected Layer name.
FOnBusy protected Busy event.
FOnPaintLayer protected PaintLayer event.
FOnPassword protected Will be fired upon opening layer to resolve any username/password
FOnRead protected Will be fired upon each file Read request.
FOnWrite protected Will be fired upon each file Write request.
forceCachedMode protected Set tor True to force cached (bitmap) type of drawing.
FParamsList protected List of parameters set (sections).
FParentLayer protected Parent layer.
FPath protected Layer path.
FProjectedExtent protected Precalculated projected extent.
FProjectedExtentBase protected Precalculated projected extent - Base extent (unprojected).
FProjectedExtentEPSG protected Precalculated projected extent - Layer CS Context.
FProjectedExtentRotationAngle protected Precalculated projected extent - Rotation context.
FProjectedExtentRotationPoint protected Precalculated projected extent - Rotation context.
FProjectedExtentViewerEPSG protected Precalculated projected extent - Viewer CS Context.
FRenderer protected Handle to a renderer used for drawing shapes.
FStatistics protected Statistics engine.
FStream protected Reference to a potential layer underlying stream.
FSubLayers protected Sub layers list.
FSubType protected Type of sublayer.
FSupportsAutoStyle protected Indicates whether the layer supports auto styling.
FTag protected Tag value.
FTagInternal protected Internal Tag value.
FTagPointer protected Pointer Tag value
FTransform protected Custom transformation.
FTransparency protected Transparency value.
FUnSupportedOperations protected Set of operations not supported by a layer.
FUseConfig protected Is config file active?
FUserObject protected User object.
FViewer protected Reference to viewer object.
inDraw protected True if layer paint procedure not yet complete.
paramsCache protected List of prepared parameters.
paramsCacheUpdated protected If True, parameters are ready to render
View3D public 3D Representation properties.

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