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TGIS_LayerVector.PrepareExportFieldNames(int, bool, bool) method

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Prepares field names to export.

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | ActiveX.


// Java
public void PrepareExportFieldNames(
  int _maxwidth,
  bool _forced,
  bool _useUpperCase
// Oxygene
  procedure PrepareExportFieldNames(
    _maxwidth : Integer;
    _forced : Boolean;
    _useUpperCase : Boolean
  ); virtual;


Name Type Description
_maxwidth int
max width of field; should be >= 4
_forced bool
if _false (default) export names will be constructed for new fields; otherwise saved fields will be ignored
_useUpperCase bool
convert field name to uppercase format


Use this method to prepare an export of field names to meet maxwidth criteria. The procedure will also perform basic name adjustment (remove non-ascii letters, etc.).

If a field name is empty, then it will be named to 'FIELD'.

If first letter of the field is not alphanumeric, then the first letter will be changed to 'F'.

If a field is longer then a specified value, then the field will be truncated.

If a field after such changes already exists, then the field will be renamed to nameXX (where XX means 00, 01, etc. in hexadecimal).

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