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TGIS_LayerVector.PrepareExportFieldNames(int, bool) method

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Prepares field names to export.

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | ActiveX | Python.


// Java
public void PrepareExportFieldNames(
  int _maxwidth,
  bool _forced
// Oxygene
  procedure PrepareExportFieldNames(
    _maxwidth : Integer;
    _forced : Boolean
  ); virtual;


Name Type Description
_maxwidth int
max width of field; should be >= 4
_forced bool
if _false (default) export names will be constructed for new fields; otherwise saved fields will be ignored


Use this method to prepare an export of field names to meet maxwidth criteria. The procedure will also perform basic name adjustment (remove non-ascii letters, etc.).

If a field name is empty, then it will be named to 'FIELD'.

If first letter of the field is not alphanumeric, then the first letter will be changed to 'F'.

If a field is longer then a specified value, then the field will be truncated.

If a field after such changes already exists, then the field will be renamed to nameXX (where XX means 00, 01, etc. in hexadecimal).

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