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GisTypes types


Name Description
IntPtr Provided for .NET source compatibility.
TGIS_ByteArray Array of Byte.
TGIS_CardinalArray Array of Cardinal.
TGIS_CharArray Array of Chars.
TGIS_DeveloperKernelTypesSet Set for DK compilation.
TGIS_DimensionTypes Set for checking dimension supported by layer.
TGIS_DoubleArray Array of Double.
TGIS_DrawBuf Array of Points for drawing purposes,
TGIS_DrawBufF Array of TGIS_Points for drawing purposes,
TGIS_FieldFlagsSet Set for field flags.
TGIS_FileTypes Set for files types.
TGIS_GridArray Array of Array of Single (array of grid image lines- point[row][column]).
TGIS_IntegerArray Array of Integer.
TGIS_IntegerGridArray Array of Array of Integer
TGIS_LabelPositions Set for label positions.
TGIS_LayerInfoList List of layer information objects.
TGIS_LayerSaveOptionsSet Set of layer save options.
TGIS_LayerSubTypeSet Set for checking shape supported by layer.
TGIS_List Alias for platform specific list.
TGIS_ListOfDoubles Alias for generic list of doubles;
TGIS_ListOfIntegers Alias for generic list of integers;
TGIS_ListOfStrings Alias for generic list of strings;
TGIS_ListOfVariants Alias for generic list of variants;
TGIS_Matrix3x3 Matrix type.
TGIS_OperationTypes Set for checking operations supported by layer.
TGIS_Point3DArray Array of TGIS_Point3D
TGIS_ShapeTypes Set for checking shape supported by layer.
TGIS_SingleArray Array of Single.
TGIS_SingleColorArray Single type color array.
TGIS_SingleVectorArray Single type vector array.
TGIS_StringList Alias for string list.
TGIS_Strings Alias for string list.
TGIS_Uid Uid type definition
TGIS_UidArray Array of Uids
TGIS_VariantArray Array of Variant.
typeOf Type for TClass casting.
_TGIS_LayerPixelSubFormat Helper to ensure record copying on non record enabled platforms.
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