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TGIS_3DGroundType enum

DK11 for Delphi | GisTypes.TGIS_3DGroundType | Enums

Z value relations enforcement (for 3D mode only).

Available also on: .NET | Java | ActiveX | Python.


// Delphi
  TGIS_3DGroundType = (
    AboveZero, AboveDem, OnDem
// C++ Builder
enum DECLSPEC_DENUM TGIS_3DGroundType unsigned short {
  AboveZero, AboveDem, OnDem


Name Value Description
AboveZero 3D objects should be presented as relative to 0.
AboveDem 3D objects should be offset by an actual terrain model value.
OnDem 3D objects should be laid on terrain (Z values will be ignored).

2022/11/30 19:19

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