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TGIS_LayerVector.RecalcExtent method

DK11 for Delphi | GisLayerVector.TGIS_LayerVector.RecalcExtent | Constructors | Fields | Methods | Properties | Events

Recalculates extent.

Available also on: .NET | Java.


Overrides TGIS_Layer.RecalcExtent.

// Delphi
  procedure RecalcExtent; override;
// C++ Builder
  virtual void RecalcExtent(void);


Use this method to recalculate extent based on real shapes. Can be extremely costly. Internally it iterates all not deleted shapes checking their extent and calculating the maximum extent.

To improve performance a layer section visibility can be used to choose layer.

When using this operation, never call any function which uses FindFirst..FindNext (any function which iterates through the shapes using it - so never use inside an operation like Locate, PaintScope etc.).

See RevertAll for example.


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