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IGIS_Editor interface

DK11 for Delphi | GisInterfaces.IGIS_Editor | Interfaces | Methods | Properties

Common API for shape visual editor.

Available also on: .NET | Java | ActiveX.


// Delphi
  IGIS_Editor = interface
// C++ Builder
__interface INTERFACE_UUID("{83F0DC57-BB7B-4E6F-96AD-1A9B1872996A}")
IGIS_Editor : public IInterface


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
AddPoint public Add a new point.
AddPointEx public Add a new point for a group.
AddSnapLayer public Add a snap-to layer to the list.
ChangeWinding public Change winding of the current part.
ClearSnapLayers public Clear the list of snap-to layers.
CreatePart public Create and activate the editing procedure for a new part for the current shape.
CreateShape(TGIS_LayerAbstract; TGIS_Point3D; TGIS_ShapeType) public Create and activate editing of a new shape.
CreateShape(TGIS_LayerAbstract; TGIS_Point3D; TGIS_ShapeType; TGIS_DimensionType) public Create and activate editing of a new shape.
CreateShape(TGIS_LayerAbstract; TGIS_Point; TGIS_ShapeType) public Create and activate editing of a new shape.
DeletePart public Delete current part from shape.
DeletePoint public Delete a point from the current part of the currently edited shape.
DeleteShape public Delete currently edited shape and end editing.
EditShape public Starts editing of a shape given by _shp.
EndEdit public End editing of the shape given by EditShape.
FindSnapLayer public Find a snap layer on the list.
FindSnapPoint public Find a snap point based on a snap type from snap-to layers.
InsertPoint public Insert a point to the current part of the currently edited shape.
MouseBegin public Start the editing of a point at the location given by _pt.
MouseEnd public End of point movement, deletion, or addition.
MouseMove public Continuing of point movement, deletion, or addition.
MovePoint public Move a point of the current part of the currently edited shape to a new location.
Redo public Redo the previous action.
RefreshShape public Store the editing buffer back into the shape.
RemoveSnapLayer public Remove a snap layer from the list.
RevertShape public Revert currently edited shape to a saved version.
Undo public Undo the last action.


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
CanRedo public If True, redo buffer is not empty.
CanUndo public If True, undo buffer is not empty.
CurrentShape public Currently edited shape.
EditingLinesStyle public Editing lines style.
EditingPointsStyle public Editing points style.
EditorMode public Determines how new vertices are created relative to existing vertices.
InEdit public If True, editing is active.
Layer public Layer that holds the shape being currently edited.
MinMove public Minimal mouse movement to perform a change.
Mode public Mode of edition.
MustRedraw public True if editor should be redraw.
Part public Part number of currently edited shape.
Point public Access to individual points in a part.
PointCount public Number of points in the current part of the currently edited shape.
PointPos public Position of the currently edited point.
SelectTolerance public Distance tolerance of vertices selection.
ShowDraggingTrack public If True, show dragging track when moving a vertex to a new position.
ShowPoints3D public If True, show the Z coordinates for the vertices.
ShowPointsNumbers public If True, show the vertex numbers.
ShowTracking public If True, show vertices to trace from a shape in the snap-to layer.
SnapGridSpacing public The spacing of the grid to which points will be snapped.
SnapLayer public Layer containing geometry to which edited points will be snapped.
SnapMargin public The distance tolerance from the snap-to feature for a snap to occur.
SnapToIntersection public If True, enable snap to the point of intersections between shapes.
SnapType public Snap type - how to snap to a vertex or segment.
Uid public Uid of currently edited shape or -1.
Viewer public Viewer on which editor has been created.

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