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GisInterfaces namespace

DK11 for Delphi | GisInterfaces | Enums | Classes | Interfaces | Types


Name Description
TGIS_ConfigAbstract Stub parent for TGIS_Config.
TGIS_LabelsAreaAbstract Stub parent for TGIS_LabelsArea.
TGIS_LayerAbstract Stub parent for TGIS_Layer.
TGIS_ShapeAbstract Stub parent for TGIS_Shape.
TGIS_UncountedInterfacedObject Uncounted interface object used mainly to reference IGIS_Viewer object
TGIS_ViewerRef IGIS_Viewer reference, used to avoid calling on _AddRef, _Release upon every


Name Description
IGIS_Editor Common API for shape visual editor.
IGIS_HierarchyGroup Hierarchy group class.
IGIS_HierarchyManager Hierarchy manager class.
IGIS_PrintableControl Common API for printing control.
IGIS_Printer Common API for printer control.
IGIS_Subscribe Subscriber mechanism interface.
IGIS_Viewer Common API for viewer operations.
IGIS_ViewerBmp Common API for bitmap viewers.
IGIS_ViewerParent Common API for viewer parent operations.
IGIS_ViewerWnd Common API for windows viewers.


Name Description
TGIS_ConfigFormat Types of config format.

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