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GisCsBase namespace

DK11 for Delphi | GisCsBase | Enums | Methods | Classes


Name Visibility Description
CanonicalWKT public Make canonical WKT form the provided string.
CSAreaList public List of all areas.
CSDatumList public List of all datums.
CSEllipsoidList public List of all ellipsoids.
CSPrimeMeridianList public List of all prime meridians.
CSTransformList public List of all transformations.
CSUnitsList public List of all units.


Name Description
TGIS_CSAbstract Base class for any WKT units
TGIS_CSAbstractList Base class for any WKT unit list
TGIS_CSAbstractListEnumerator Enumerator for TGIS_CSAbstractList.
TGIS_CSArea Area name.
TGIS_CSAreaList List of datum area.
TGIS_CSDatum A datum type.
TGIS_CSDatumList List of all datums.
TGIS_CSEllipsoid An ellipsoid item.
TGIS_CSEllipsoidList List of ellipsoids.
TGIS_CSPrimeMeridian Prime meridians.
TGIS_CSPrimeMeridianList List of prime meridians.
TGIS_CSTransformAbstract A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformCoordinateFrameRotation A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformGeocentricTranslations A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformGeographicalAndHighOffsets A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformGeographicalOffsets A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformGridShift A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformList List of all datum transformations.
TGIS_CSTransformMolodenskiBadekas A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformNadcon A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformNTV2 A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformPositionVector7Params A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSUnits Unit of measurement (linear, angular or areal)
TGIS_CSUnitsList List of units.


Name Description
TGIS_CSUnitsType Type of units.

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