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TGIS_ShortestPath properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
CompassBlocks public Compass divided to a number of blocks (4 by default).
CostModifiers public Cost modifier.
Extent public Path extent.
HeuristicCostModifier public Heuristic cost modifier.
HeuristicMode public Mode of heuristic operation.
HeuristicThreshold public Threshold of starting node seeking area.
Items public Items in the shortest path.
ItemsCount public Number of items in the shortest path.
Layer public Layer assigned to the shortest path.
Network public Instance of Network class (responsible for low level network operations)
RoadLength public Field name used to calculate segment length.
RoadName public Field for the feature name.
StoragePath public Forced storage path.
TotalCost public Total cost of the path.

2019/01/25 16:03

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