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ITGIS_ViewerWnd.PrintBmp_2 method

DK11 for ActiveX | TatukGIS_XDK11.ITGIS_ViewerWnd.PrintBmp_2 | Methods | Properties

Print the current content on a bitmap. Print area will match the current VisibleExtent of the control.


// C#
public void PrintBmp_2(
  ref IPictureDisp _bmp,
  WordBool _full
' VisualBasic
Public Sub PrintBmp_2(
  ByRef _bmp As IPictureDisp,
  ByVal _full As WordBool
// Oxygene
  procedure PrintBmp_2(
    var _bmp : IPictureDisp;
    _full : WordBool


Name Type Description
_bmp IPictureDisp bitmap on which the drawing will be performed
_full WordBool if yes, all paint events are triggered


This method is suitable to print reasonable small images (e.g. comparable to screen size). To export really huge images please use TGIS_PixelExportManager.

2020/08/28 16:55

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