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ITGIS_RendererAbstract properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
CanvasBrush public Brush of the Canvas object.
CanvasExtent public Return extent taken in account by label allocator.
CanvasFont public Font of the Canvas object.
CanvasPen public Pen of the Canvas object.
Context public Renderer context.
FontScale public Fonts scaling factor of the rendering context (in percents).
Height public Height of the rendering context (in pixels).
Info public Provide basic info about renderer like underlying technology used.
Parent public Viewer (parented interface) which owns renderer.
PPI public Point-Per-Inch of the rendering context.
Shift public Offset of the rendering rectangle (in pixels).
TileRect public Rectangle of the rendering context (in pixels).
Viewer public Viewer which owns renderer.
ViewRect public Viewing rectangle of the rendering context (in pixels).
Width public Width of the rendering context (in pixels).

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