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Documentation | Changelog

Log of released versions, bug fixes, improvements, and new features. Truncated to last 365 days.

For a description of major modification and features made see: What's new & coming.

Version: 5.74.0-Unstable2

Released: 14 June 2024

Version: 5.74.0-Unstable1

Released: 7 June 2024

Version: 5.73.0

Released: 31 May 2024

Version: 5.72.0

Released: 26 April 2024

Version: 5.71.0

Released: 29 March 2024

New features:

  [EDT-3473]Add GridToPolygon tool


  [EDT-3474]Sometimes AV upon closing scripter's created forms (Python,Scripting)
  [EDT-3472]Split Parts tools should remove original multipart geometry and remain only splitted parts (EDT)
  [EDT-3471]Can not use GIS_SELECTED column to select features (EDT)
  [EDT-3468]Data panel doesn't show progress upon dataset opening in cached mode (Core)
  [EDT-3467]Hebrew translation has improper dialg-box layout (should be right-to-left). GIS_RS_BIDIRECTIONAL should not be translated but just have a value '1' instad of translated 'true' (Resources)


  [EDT-3475]Split Shapes - better check of option to split shapes by another layer (Core)

Version: 5.70.0

Released: 23 February 2024

Version: 5.69.0

Released: 26 January 2024

New features:


Version: 5.68.0

Released: 29 December 2023

New features:

  [EDT-3466]Apply AutoStyle on layer open (Core)

Version: 5.67.0

Released: 24 November 2023

New features:

  [EDT-3465]Support WexBIM for presentation of BIM models (EDT)


  [EDT-3463]Text is not visible on input("text") (Python,Scripting)


  [EDT-3464]Introduction of defining fixed contour levels in GridAnalysis tool (Scripting,Utils)
  [EDT-3458]FieldCalc new util (Python,Samples,Scripting,Utils)

Version: 5.66.0

Released: 27 October 2023


  [EDT-3462]Python Console output to be a GUI form and should not kill the Editor upon close. (Python,Scripting)
  [EDT-3461]Run python scripts from command line (Core,Scripting)
  [EDT-3460]Clear output window upon each run on Python Debugger. Eliminate some internal logs (Python,Scripting)
  [EDT-3459]Use Console for print() and input() (Python,Scripting)

Version: 5.65.0

Released: 29 September 2023


  [EDT-3457]MouseMove is slowing down rendering in 3D mode (Core)
  [EDT-3456]Unable to open another Editor instance (Core)
  [EDT-3454]Tools Manager fails to open a python script (Core)
  [EDT-3452]Update INF files for python utils (Python,Samples,Scripting,Utils)


  [EDT-3455]Add a "New file" tool button for Python Debugger (Core)
  [EDT-3453]Monty samples updates & fixes (Python,Samples,Scripting,Utils)

Version: 5.64.0

Released: 31 August 2023

New features:

  [EDT-3435]Add Monty Samples (Python,Samples,Scripting)
  [EDT-3415]Monty - Python scripting support (Scripting)


  [EDT-3434]Unhandled exception upon activating a layer with missing files (Core)
  [EDT-3433]Scripter help is not working (Core,Scripting)
  [EDT-3432]SQLView - invalid casting of the GetAvailableLayers function result. (Samples)

Version: 5.63.0

Released: 28 July 2023

Version: 5.62.0

Released: 30 June 2023

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