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The Scripter Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - a complete solution for creating, editing and executing scripts for the Editor. It can be invoked by clicking on any of the Scripts/Scripter Studio menu items. The Scripter Studio allows utilizing the capabilities of almost all Object Pascal and TatukGIS Developer Kernel procedures and functions using each of the two supported scripting languages: Pascal and Basic. Moreover, the user can create advanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) with the power of Visual Component Library and TatukGIS Developer Kernel Components.

Scripter Studio window.

Read more about User Interface.

Structure of a script

The code of the script is stored in the unit files. There are two types of unit files: non-GUI unit - raw code file, GUI unit - code file with associated Graphical User Interface file. The default extension of the Pascal unit files is .PSC and of the Basic unit files is .BSC. The GUI files default extension is .SFM. A script for the Editor consists of at least two files: a script project file - .SSPROJ extension, and a non-GUI main unit file. The script project file is automatically created and governed by the Scripter Studio - the user never edits it directly. The GUI files are being edited indirectly using the Scripter Studio form editor.

Binary scripts

The Scripter Studio provides the means to convert any script into binary form. This can be especially useful when the user wants to publish a script without the source code. Moreover, a script can be automatically converted into a package containing all necessary data in one file. For more information on generating a binary script or making a package refer to the Compile and Make package features help topics.

Supported languages

Language description is entirely imported from the TMS Software ( Scripter Studio Pro help system. It covers all the languages and language features that can be used to write scripts, language syntax, constructors, etc.

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