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Map hotlinks

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Clicking on the View/Map hotlinks menu item provides the means for activating/deactivating the Hotlinks (URL) feature. When active, the Hotlinks (URL) feature attempts to connect to a URL link that might be specified in an attribute field whenever the user double-clicks within the Map area (with Localize or Select by Point selection features). The linkage can open a document or image file in an appropriate program, navigate to a website using a web browser, or even to automatically launch a pre-addressed e-mail via e-mail client application.

To turn on/off the Hotlinks (URL) feature

  1. Click on the View/Map hotlinks menu item - this invokes the Map Hotlinks dialog box.
  2. Within the Map Hotlinks dialog box check/uncheck the auto option.
  3. Click on the OK button.

Map Hotlinks dialog box.


  • By default the Hotlinks (URL) feature is enabled.
2018/05/22 11:48

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