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Smooth shape

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Clicking on the Shape/Smooth Shape menu item provides the means for smoothing a shape of the line or polygon type. Lines and polygon outlines naturally tend to be less than fully smooth because they are composed of a series of straight line segments connecting a series of vertices. Smoothening is done by creating additional vertices using an appropriate interpolation rule.

To smooth a shape

  1. Activate (highlight) the layer containing the shape to be smoothened. Do this by clicking on its name in the Legend.
  2. Use the Localize or the Select by Point feature to select the desired shape.
  3. Click on the Shape/Smooth Shape menu item - the Smooth shape dialog box will appear.
  4. Within the Smooth shape dialog box adjust the smoothening quality. Do it by increasing/decreasing the value in the Factor field for better/worse result. After each adjustment, you can preview the result by clicking on the Preview button. The preview is displayed as a red line over the shape.
  5. When finished click on the Apply button.

Smooth shape dialog box.

Associated functions

Key shortcut

  • The Shift+Ctrl+O key combination.
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