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Rectangle rotated [polygon]

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Clicking on the lower Shape/Create new shape/Rectangle rotated menu item activates one of the special editing features used to create a shape of the polygon type on a vector layer. A rectangular polygon shape created with the Rectangle rotated feature is an area bounded by a rotated outline composed of four sequentially numbered vertices with four perpendicularly oriented straight line segments connecting them.

To create a rotated rectangular polygon shape on a vector layer

  1. Activate (highlight) the layer in which the polygon is to be created. Do this by clicking on its name in the Legend.
  2. Use the Zoom mode, Zoom extended mode and Drag mode to adjust the extent visible on the Map area to cover the area where you would like to create the polygon.
  3. Click on the lower Shape/Create new shape/Rectangle rotated menu item.
  4. Within the Map area move the mouse pointer over the desired location and click - a starting corner vertex of the outline will be fixed.
  5. Adjust the rotation of the polygon and the length of the first face by moving the mouse pointer in any direction. Click when finished.
  6. Adjust the size of the polygon by moving the mouse pointer perpendicularly to the first face.
  7. Click again to finish drawing the outline - the area will appear.

Also accessible by

  • The icon on the Standard toolbar; if not visible click on the rightmost icon on the same toolbar and then on the lower Rectangle rotated item on the drop-down list.

Similar functions

Associated functions

  • To edit an existing shape, use the Edit shape feature.

To remove a shape from a vector layer, use the Delete shape feature.


  • If the edited layer is stored in the ArcView Shape File (SHP) format of the type different than polygon then this feature will be inactive.
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