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Export points

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Clicking on the Shape/Export points menu item displays the list of methods for exporting a shape in a layer independent form to the following formats:

  • File - a file in one of the following formats: Comma-Separated Values (CSV), Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (XLS), Extensible Markup Language (XML),
  • WKT - character string in the Well Known Text format,
  • WKB - character string in the Well Known Binary format,
  • JSON - character string in the JavaScript Object Notation format,
  • GML - character string in the Geography Markup Language format,
  • Clipboard - a list of coordinates in map units or one of the following formats:
    • Degrees:Minutes:Seconds (DMS),
    • Decimal Degrees (DD).

Also accessible by

  • The Export points item on the Points tab of the Selected panel context menu.
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