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DK11 Documentation

TatukGIS Developer Kernel 11 Documentation

Version August, 1 2020

This is a work-in-progress web site.
A new content will be added continuously.

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  • API Overview
    Basic concepts about the TatukGIS API. HelloDK sample. Reference to common topics.
  • API Documentation
    Full API documentation. Generated from the source code comments & additional description files using our internal GenDoc tool. Documentation is provided in syntax (which is automatically generated by GenDoc) of commonly used programming languages like Object Pascal, C++, C#, Visual Basic, and Java.
  • Other Specifications
    DK features (beyond the methods and classes documentation) like file formats description, label formatting syntax, spatial operators etc.
  • Copyrights & Licenses
    List of copyrights, licenses, and acknowledgments for computer technologies used by the DK.

What's New

  • What's new & coming NEW
    Detailed description of selected features or improvements released and under development.
  • What's missing
    List of missing features: planned but on-hold.
  • Known issues
    List of things that require clarification.
  • Changelog
    Log of released versions, bug fixes, improvements and new features.

How-to articles

Samples Description

  • Samples
    Complete list of samples with detailed information of the used API functions etc.
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