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This is a list of all samples available in Developer Kernel 11 for all supported platforms in an alphabetical order.

AddLayer How to add a layer to the viewer and do few basic operations like zoom in/out or drag a map.
any2any How to create a command-line utility to convert vector layer to another format.
BitmapFill How to draw a vector layer, which every polygon is filled with a different bitmap upon drawing time using PaintShapeEvent.
Buffers1 How to create a buffer around a shape and what happens to holes when a buffer is positive or negative.
Buffers2 How to create a buffer around a shape and use it to select other shapes.
CGMViewer How to create a simple symbol viewer, not only for CGM anymore.
Classification NEW! How to provide classification feature.
ClientServer How to create a basic client-server solution.
CustomPaint How to do custom drawings in a platform-independent way and how to assign renderer other than default and access its low-level API (like DC, Graphics).
CuttingPolygon How to define a visible area of a pixel layer using a polygon shape.
DataSet How to use TGIS_DataSet component to connect layer vector to data aware components.
DemOperations How to perform DEM (Digital Elevation Model) analysis operation like slope, hill shade, flow directions, curvature and more.
DirectWrite How to merge vector layers and how to do this in the most efficient way using direct write.
DragLabel How to implement labels that can be dragged by mouse.
DynamicAggregation NEW! How to perform dynamic clustering and binning.
Encode How to implement a very simple content protection of an SHP Layer.
Enumerators How to use “for each” like loops to find all shapes matching DE-9IM topological relationship.
ExportToImage How to export pixel layer to another format.
FieldRules How to use field rules to use predefined field values, field value verification, or value aliases.
Fields How to access fields (properties) of a layer, and how to use field values in map rendering.
GeoCoding How to perform simple geocoding and routing.
GPSSimple How to connect to a GPS device and display basic parameters.
GPSTracker How to connect to a GPS device and record position on a a map.
Grid How to open grid layer and colorize it using a configuration file or programmatically.
GridToVector NEW! How to convert grid to vector.
Hello.NetCore NEW! How to create WinForms application with .NET Core.
HelloDK How to create a very basic DK11 application. See step-by-step tutorial.
Hierarchy How to create and manage a group of layers in a legend control.
InMemory How to create in-memory vector layers.
Interpolation How to analyze a set of points with measurement data using Kriging, IDW, Spline, and Heatmap.
IsochroneMap How to create a Isochrone Map (road isodistances).
JoinAndChart How to join a vector layer to an external database and how to provide charts based on values from a join.
JoinAndRender How to join a vector layer to an external database and how to render map based on values from a join.
Languages How to add multi-language support. Demonstrates full Unicode support.
LayerStatistics NEW! How to produce statistics on layer.
Legend How to add a legend control to an application.
Locate How to convert mouse coordinates to map coordinates and use them to locate a shape.
Measure NEW! How to provide measurement; draw a measurement line and a measurement polygon.
MiniMap How to build a small map overview window.
MultiSelect How to implement selection of several shapes at once.
PaintLabel How to use PaintShapeLabelEvent to dynamically modify labeling.
Pipeline How to utilize the pipeline functionality.
Pixel How to open pixel layer and apply operations like colorize, inversion, histogram enhancement defined in projects files.
PixelEdit How to modify pixels covered by a polygon and calculate terrain profile.
PixelFilters NEW! How to perform filter operation.
PixelLocate How to retrieve image and grid pixel value based on a mouse position.
PixelOperations How to use PixelOperationEvent to dynamically alter pixels of pixel layer before displaying them.
PrintPreview How to create a print preview.
Project2Sqlite How a create a command-line utility to convert whole project (including layers) into an SQLite database.
projectconvert How to convert project file formats from .ttkgp (an old format) to .ttkproject (a new format).
Projections How to show a map in different coordinate systems (projections). Both vector and pixel (raster) layers are supported.
RasterAlgebra NEW! How to perform raster algebra operations.
Relate How to compute the geometrical relationship between two shapes.
Renderer How to render map according to attribute field. Use rendering from the project file.
Reproject How to export vector layer changing its coordinate systems (projections).
Rotation How to show map rotated around selected point.
SelectByShape How to select shapes from a layer by user-defined shape (circle and rectangle in this samples).
ShapeOperations How to move, rotate and scale any given shape.
ShowHint How to show map hints based on fields from a vector layer.
SimpleEdit How to create a basic editor: edit existing or create a new shape and edit its vertices.
Snap How to snap a vehicle to a road if the known vehicle location is not very precise. Uses a simulated GPS-like position.
SplitByArc How to split polygon using polyline shape.
SQLLayer How to open layer which resides in SQL database.
SQLLayerAdvanced How to open export layer to a new SQL Layer and get familiar with .ttkls connector files.
SQLWizard How to create a wizard for SQL connection: to select a database, a layer, and a layer format.
Statistic How to use PaintShapeEvent to dynamically create statistical analysis.
TemplatePrint How to print a map using print templates.
TigerGeocoding How to perform advanced geocoding and reverse-geocoding using address parsing standardization.
Topology How to calculate union, difference and symmetrical difference of two shapes.
TrackingTest How to efficiently implement tracking layer - to update locations of dozens of shapes like vehicles.
Transform How to use transformation to rectify a layer.
Triangulation How to perform Delaunay triangulation and how to generate a Voronoi diagram.
TwoWindows How to show maps in two windows and synchronize visible extent between them.
UDFLayerVector How to add support to a new layer vector file format using User Defined Layer.
View3D How to create simple 3D viewer.
Viewer How to create a quite complete map viewer with a legend, scale, north arrow (compass rose) and printing capabilities.
ViewerLite How to create a very simple viewer. This sample is also available for FMX.Mobile and can be compiled for iOS and Android apps.
Viewshed How to use the Viewshed functionality.
WFSManager How to query server map server for available WFS layers and select layer to be added to a map.
WKT How to use WKT (Well Known Text) geometry. Edits WKT text and shows the result.
WMTSManager How to query server map server for available WMTS layers and select layer to be added to a map.
Zooming How to perform zooming using mouse movement and mouse wheel. Also how to change a mode of mouse operation: zoom vs drag.
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