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v90.0, pending

Documentation | What's new & coming | v90.0

This version is under development and will be released at the end of May.

The list of planned changes is not ready yet. Generally, we work on several topics for future versions, such as:

  • More improvements for Skia on VCL and .NET Desktop. ASP.NET Core improvements already implemented in v85.
  • More work on PVL controls, including rebuilt layer properties control.
  • Rendering improvements (details TBA).
  • Group operations on legend control.
  • Some more exciting new features TBA.


  • Direct Geopackage rater support. Previously, we used GDAL, which tends to eat all available memoryU1. DK-14008
  • More improvements for TGIS_EditorU1. DK-14007
  • We are doing more work on SKIA support focused on VCL. We are redesigning TGIS_Bitmap to internally support the best hardware underlying data (e.g., SKBitmap); the goal is to improve performance and eliminate VCL multithread limitations. We want to implement it across all platforms and renderers. Most of the internal work in this version was done on VCL, but a new TGIS_Bitmap is not fully enabledU1. DK-13945
  • TGIS_Reclassification class added (only VCL samples in this UNSTABLE)2. DK-13957

Full list available at Changelog.
(Any U1 like mark means that original comment has been edited upon releasing specific Unstable version)

2024/05/21 13:16

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